Logo and site for the training center Maxim Romensky

Maxim Romenskih is one of the leading business trainers in Ukraine. In the list of his clients there are Adidas, and Sony, and P&G. Working on the new visual and the site for such a business guru, we wanted to do something as short as possible, but with a deep idea. It is this combination, in our common opinion with Maxim, that an ideal business should have. So sign for the project "Maxim Romansky" was the image of the opening door, as a symbol of the boundless possibilities that are open to each of us. Maxim's school helps those who, due to various circumstances, were unable to recognize or take advantage of these opportunities in time. This helps to open the doors to them in the future. In addition, in the sign you can see the number 1, as a symbol of the exit in front and the victory over your own fears.


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