Women's clothing brand Marivol'

The goal is to develop a logo and a corporate style for a brand of women's clothing with obligatory infinity signs and a cross. For the logotype of "Marivol" company we took the schematical image of two capital letters – "M" and "V" of the company`s compound name as a basis of a logo, and having connected them,we received a heart symbol in a result.Besides usual deep meanings, such as love, life, in our case, this sign symbolizes feminity of the produced wearing. In addition, the letters "M" and "V" develop in two more signs – a cross and an infinity sign. Together these three symbols can be read as "Belief in endless love". Such meaning, as well as possible, displays mood of the company – the desire to make each woman better, to decorate her daily and to force her to feel darling.
This work took the first place in “UKRAINIAN DESIGN: the Very Best of”.
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