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Hello, we are graphic design studio Glad Head

When your job makes you feel pleasure, it turns into pleasure everything it touches. Independently of the project, its complication and its direction, our main goal is to make the audience admire, surprise, use the maximum range of emotions.

We are doing trading and corporate branding, developing of websites and multipage publications. The market is growing as well as the competition and consumers' demands. We like to try our potential, and with each new task we learn something new and try to find the most expressive visual image in order to solve this task as effectively as it possible and give you the best result.

We are glad to do

  • logo
  • identity
  • brandbook
  • web site
  • mobile app
  • interface design
  • packaging
  • advertising
  • multipage publications
  • calendar
  • and other

We won the Red Dot

Awards 2021

Our honors

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Our favorite сlients

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