Identity for it company Altexsoft

AltexSoft is a company engaged in programming and code development. Our mission was to create corporate identity that would be moderately restrained and, at the same time, would prepossess thanks to small playful elements. The basis of the identity image consists of a simply shaped sign which combines capital letters of the company name. Traditional for the industry blue color added some chastity of style, and kraft-paper inserts and amusing illustrations gave a tad of easiness. As a result, we got restrained basic elements of office space and stationery, which can be endlessly complemented with amusing inserts to support the corporate spirit of the company. According to the voting results of the international jury, AltexSoft’s logo was selected from 32,000 announced works, and was included in the new book LogoLounge Vol.8.
This work took the first place in “UKRAINIAN DESIGN: the Very Best of”.
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