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What is the investment and what is hidden secret skill of the people who run them? Pledge made ​​profitable investments - a laborious calculation, based on the experience and ability to catch the right moment, but a good investment spetsialita features the ability to look at the situation and see the wider benefit where others will not see it, feel great prospects in a seemingly losing business . That this is the art of investment: the ability to look at the situation more deeply and at a right angle. And only those who can change the course of his thoughts, will see the main thing - to see great opportunities. From a close distance Calendar is an abstract composition of colored circles, but the further away, the more clearly notice the hidden masterpieces. Art investment. Correct angle.

Megabank calendar

New in 2013, we have dedicated calendar Megabank, prospects and new horizons, they help to open its clients and partners. Breaking new ground together

Finex calendar

Since ancient times, the lion is a symbol of courage, nobility, justice and strength. His images are used as a symbol of a mighty guard and protector. So the company "Finex" protects the business of its customers.

Turboatom Calendar

Calendar for the giant enterprise for the manufacture of turbines for thermal and nuclear power plants. At the core of the idea of the calendar lies the slogan: "Energy that unites".

Megabank calendar

"Victory is where there is movement forward!" - this idea is laid down in the calendar for "MEGABANK" for 2011.
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