Dreams that change lives

In the heart of each of us there are dreams, big or small, rosy or totally unrealistic at first sight. Everyone dreams, and these feelings are familiar to everyone, but few people realize how powerful they are. That is why this year we decided to dedicate the annual report to the dreams that changed our lives.
At all times there were and there are dreamers, people who were bolder than others, and more free in their thoughts. These qualities helped them move progress and change the course of the history. The only thing they needed is that they were believed and supported. Thanks to the help the latest inventions and discoveries, which were ahead of their time for many years, have made an invaluable contribution to the development of cultural and scientific world. We believe that the example of these famous people proves that everything we want can come true, because thanks to the support they were able to achieve their dreams. Dream boldly, and "MEGABANK" will help you to pursue your long dreams.
This work took the first place in UKRAINIAN DESIGN: the Very Best of
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